How easy is it to make money as a makeup artist

 May your start in business be easier than mine….

I set up my makeup business in the recession so my start was not an easy one.

It can be hard making money for yourself and although it can be hard work, the feeling you get when you achieve your first paying client is exceptionally rewarding, spiritualy, mentally and just down right brilliant!

What you may or may not expect is that first client can be really hard to actually get and maybe (if you are consiensious enough) be the scariest moment of your life, and in turn, the most exilerating.

There are a few notes ahead that I will mention, obtaining clients is something I know a lot about.  I have tried and tested so many methods, that I now feel I have sufficent knowledge to pass all I  know on to you.

In brief you should:

  • Obtaining new clients:  Social Media : Events : Leaflet Dropping
  • Take email leads to remarket to clients.
  • Ensure you have a consultation form filled in and email your client your agreement.
  • During your consultation, tell your client about other services.
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