Gel Nail Polish After Care Advice

Chroma Gel Polish After Care Advice

Chroma Gel can only last on the nails if the nails are healthy. In addition, take off procedure must follow professional approach using Foil Wrap with cotton and solution. For short, splitting and peeling nails, extra care is necessary for gel colour to last compared to other healthy nail condition and may chip within days, this will be explained to you by the Therapist and is not deemed a fault of our service or our products but is your nail condition which isn’t a good service for the product to adhere to. Chips and repairs will be chargeable in these circumstances.

As a certified Gel Provider, we can guarantee you a professional approach to our application, maintenance and take off processes. The following advice ensures your long lasting Chroma Gel Service. We cannot be held responsible for your Chroma Gel guarantee if you fail to follow the advice given below

▪Never pick or peel Chroma Gel off as this can cause damage to the natural nail

▪Wear rubber gloves when you do any wash up or cleaning jobs because ChromaGel can absorb bleaches and detergents, causing the gel to lift, so wearing gloves will keep them looking freshly manicured for longer

▪Use cuticle oil at least twice a day to keep your cuticle moisturised and healthy (especially at night before going to bed)

▪Chlorine may lift Chroma Gel in severe cases. Wait 24 hours after application before swimming

▪Always rinse your hands thoroughly after swimming to remove chlorine

▪Sun tan cream might also lift Chroma Gel- wash hands thoroughly after applying or avoid sun tan cream to touch directly on your nail bed.

▪Insect repellent can also lift Chroma Gel after prolonged use, try to avoid having it touched on your Chroma Gel nails.

Cash Refund For A Complete Treatment Is Not Available. We always strive for the best quality in all of our treatments. However, due to client’s varied nail condition and lifestyles, for your peace of mind, nail repair or any problem will be rectified free of charge if the problem occurs within the first week of your treatments providing that you follow our professional instruction of aftercare advice. You should inform Divine Makeup immediately with a photo of the problem should lifting/chipping problems occur. You should not peel or change the original state of the problem so that our therapists can look into the real cause of the problem with an effort of repairing them. Failure to do so may result in our refusal to provide you our free of charge repair/maintenance service. You will be required to come back to our salon within the first 7 days for the free fix service. Having a new set on your next appointment or cash refund to replace the chipped nails is not accepted in all circumstances as our products and the therapist’s time incurs in additional salon costs.

Please make sure you have read, understand and agreed to our service terms and conditions before proceeding with your treatment

Thank you for your cooperation.


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