Looking after my LVL Lashes

How to look after LVL Lashes

LVL lashes are incredibly popular in the beauty industry, with celebrities from Michelle Keegan to beauty blogger In the Frow raving about our exclusive length, volume and lift treatment.

As more and more of you are trying out LVL Enhance, we thought we’d compile a guide to after-care, to ensure you get the most out of your treatment for long, luscious lashes lasting up to eight weeks.

As LVL is a low maintenance treatment, so you don’t have to go back to the salon, but there are a few things you should do at home to keep your lashes looking their best. Just like nails and hair, your eyelashes need care and attention to stay healthy. We suggest using our conditioning serum to promote lash health as it has been specifically designed with lash care in mind.


•The first 48 hours after you have your treatment are essential; it’s important that you take extra care as your lashes are still getting used to their new shape. It’s also vital to follow aftercare advice as failure to do so could lead to an adverse reaction.

•For the first 24 hours after your LVL treatment, you must not get the lashes wet. If you must shower, make sure you don’t put your face under the shower head!

•Then, over the next 48 hours we highly recommend you avoid visiting a steam room, sauna or swimming, as this could manipulate your lashes into different positions or affect the lift (which we certainly don’t want!).

•Try to avoid touching or rubbing your lashes, or introducing foreign bodies into the treatment area. When you have the LVL treatment, you must not perm lashes or use lash curlers, although we can’t see why you’d want to anyway with such long, lifted natural lashes.

•Another thing to consider is how you sleep. If you tend to sleep on one particular side, you may notice that these lashes look a little different to your other eye. This is because your lashes are naturally manipulated when your face is against a pillow throughout the night. When you’ve had the LVL treatment it is best to try and avoid sleeping with your face against the pillow to keep them looking equal. This is also the case when cleansing, moisturising or applying cosmetics; always brush your lashes using a clean mascara wand or lash brush after getting them wet to ensure they dry naturally in their correct shape.