Professional Opportunity PBL Magazine July 2018

Do you take an opportunity when it arises?

Opportunity strikes! You would have to be blind to have not seen the explosion of fantastic makeup artists appear overnight with wonderful and sought after designs.  So you may be forgiven for thinking you have the skills, why not the clients? This maybe your opportunity!

We did over 70 weddings in 2017, which by anyones standards are alot, however, we decided that we would share how we do it with others in the industry – why? because we arn’t going to be doing as many anymore we are going to be in a more of a trainer capacity and the first one is how do you get more clients in.  Sales & Marketing are our speciality so if you want to skip all the mistakes go ahead and take a peek at our courses, currently £200 off £97 –

If you are a Makeup Artist or Beauty Professional you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Check out our article in the Pro Beauty Magazine July Edition, to see how you can up your business skills just in time for Wedding Fayre Season.

Pro-Beauty Loft Magazine Article July 2018 – with Emma Leighton

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