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What is the difference between a Makeup Course and  Makeup business course?

It’s really strikes me that their are unlimited videos of how to do makeup, 1000’s and 1000’s you tube, online tutorials free and paid for, paid for one to one trainings. But there are very few, if any good ones that I have come across that tell you exactly how to sell yourself and in an ever growing crowded market, that is just where a lot of people are finding themselves right now.

You see: When it wasn’t all that popular, Makeup Artists were few and far between and generaly making a bomb, I know because I was one of them.  Now though, the self taught makeup artists are on the rise, and having seen how some of the professionals are making in excess of £50k a year, then they too want a peice of this very large pie!

There is just one problem however, as the market floods with really good makeup artists the consumer becomes a little more confused and less focused on who is good, because they all are right? But it is now becoming not just who is good at makeup, but more about who is good at the whole thing – you know the other stuff?

Do you know the other stuff?

Let me put it another way – If you are a bride and you do your due-diligence which more and more are doing now awadays, then you are going to want to see your makeup artist prior to putting down any money.

Question: Do you give out your prices when asked over email?

Answer: NO!

What is more, if your bride is asking for prices first and you give them to her, you may as well kiss the sale good bye. Why?  Because you should never sell yourself on price, especially when, some makeup artists use really good makeup like Airbase Heat resistant , Sweat resistant and water resistent to say someone using rimmel.  Not that there is anything particuarly wrong with Rimmel, but it is a lot cheaper and therefore will command a cheaper price.

Questions: But how does that bride know yours is more expensive and better quality if you just give her a price?

The Answer:  She Doesn’t! Not unless you tell her!

Which is why you give her the opportunity to meet you! This is your opportunity to let her know why you are exceptional at what you do and why you should have her business!

Do you take an opportunity when it arises?

So you may be forgiven for thinking you have the skills, why not the clients? This maybe your opportunity!

We did over 70 weddings in 2017, which by anyones standards are alot, however, we decided that we would share how we do it with others in the industry – why?

We are sharing our knowledge with Makeup Artists all over the world and the take up has been amazing.  Check out our article which was featured in the Pro-Beauty Loft Mag last month!

Sales & Marketing are our speciality so if you want to skip all the mistakes go ahead and take a peek at our courses, there is currently £200 off so its just £97 for a limited period!

Who is this course suitable for? To be honest it is really suitable for anyone in the Wedding Industry that sell’s their services or products to brides and grooms, as all the same principals apply, but the main market for this course is Makeup Artists and or Beauty Professionals because this is the trade we are in, and with over 20 years sales and marketing experience, there isn’t much we don’t know!

Now Brides notoriously go looking at wedding venues and suppliers starting in september, as this is when offical wedding fayre season begins. And this is also the time of year, when you are typically going to get more bookings.

Up your business skills just in time for Wedding Fayre Season.

Pro-Beauty Loft Magazine Article July 2018