How to get the perfect spray tan?

Want the best looking spray tan then you need to prepare!

Preparation for Spray and Airbrush Tanning:


A spray tan is often called an airbrush tan.  A manual Spray tan or Airbrush tan is the most common, for a quick and easy sunkissed glow.

A) Believe it or not – probably the most important step to getting your tan looking spiffy is EXFOLIATION!Body Exfoliator

I can’t stress enough that if you do not exfoliate properly then the likelihood of your tan looking amazing has just dramatically reduced by 75%.
Ever here someone say – oooooh my tans patchy – yes  –  well they just told you they didn’t exfoliate properly, because when you’ve chosen a well known brand of tans they aren’t designed to be patchy.
Why is my tan patchy?  It’s actually your dead skin cells sitting there waiting to drop off on to your carpet, then you go for a tan – then your tanned dead skin falls off onto your clothes or carpet and BINGO , you have a patchy tan.
So my friends EXFOLIATE…    Best Done the DAY BEFORE YOUR TAN…..

B) Moisturise is next – So you’ve Exfoliated – congratulations, now to keep your skins moisture in so right after you have Exfoliated with our fabulous Body Smooth Exfoliator Moisturise with Tropics Body Love.

Body Moisturiser
Naturally Derived Luxurious Body Moisturiser
C) On the Day of your tanning appointment.
Ok so nobody likes to smell – but we do recommend that you don’t wear any deodorant or perfume or moisturise on the day of the tan – this is because of the SCARY GREEN MONSTER – nope its not under your bed, its under your armpits or under your neck  – or quite simply anywhere you have applyed them.

What makes me change colour?

DHA is the TANNING Agent:
Within your airbrush tan, so when you apply DHA to Perfume or Deodrant or indeed some tinted moisturisers what do you get?   YUP you’ve guessed  a great big green patch right where you don’t want it.    Fear not however, once the tan has developed and you’ve washed off the Guide Colour then the green should disappear but you may be left with white marks where the tan hasn’t developed.


so your AirbrushTanning Specialist should tell you how your going to be done and we all like to do it different although i am super fast and have you in and out in a jiffy – others may take a little longer.
Normally the TAN is COLD,  YIKES, but once you have it you will be filled with JOY at your lovely brown tanned skin, but yes if the tans been in the fridge its probably going to be cold, but we let you dry your own body with a nice warm blower so its takes the edge off.
E)  When to Wash it off – Tans development times vary but typically tans develop between 4-8 hours depending on make, once the development time has been then its reached its maximum colour so leaving it on more wont help it get darker so feel free to wash off.  We prefer to use Tropics Mangosteen Body Wash as its PH Balance is great and perfect for our skin.
F) How to keep it looking Fantastic,

MOISTURISE.   So you have a fab tan well if you follow Moisturising every day, perhaps even twice a day after the tan and Exfoliating once after about 4 days of having the tan should wear off evenly and could last up to 10 days, if yours wears off quicker then you could use Instant Glow (a tanning body makeup to use between tans – personally i like to wear it over my tan anyway for an extra special glistening look. !

G)  Finishing Touches – why not add a little something special to your tan and apply the amazing body shimmer
You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned about when to shave or wax and this is personal to everyone – but general rules would be have waxing at least 72 hours prior to having a tan and 48 hours for Shaving otherwise you’ll get dark spots of tan where your hair used to be lovely!
So now you have the tools to go out and get your perfect tan.
Want to try our Body Smooth Exfoliator,  Body Love Moisturise or any of the other tanning accessory products you can purchase them with a money back guarantee from our website at Tropic’s Website