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The ultimate in Wedding Fayre Selling, by Emma Leighton Wedding Fayre Whisperer.

You can make excellent money from Wedding Fayres with a £10Billion industry in the UK, and $54Billion Dollars in the US theres a whole lot of brides out there missing out on your services!

What would it mean to you if most of the brides came to YOUR Wedding Stand and gave you their details willingly and expected you to get in touch with them?

What would it mean to you if you met up with half of those leads?

What would it mean to you if you signed up 9 out of 10 Bridal Consultations?

If this peaks your interest then this course is for you!

Over the past 7 years we have put together a strategy that means we go into a fayre expecting all the leads, getting at least half to agree to a consultation and 9 out of 10 leads booking us.

This hasn’t happened by chance, we have done our research, homework, and put amazing schedules in place so the brides know we are well worth what we are charging them, and because they know (once speaking with us that we are indeed the experts in our field) are compelled to go with us.

Now you can too with this exceptional course that works in your favour!

The amount of revenue we get which approximately £70k per year, just on makeup and hair alone, means that selling this too cheap shouldn’t be an option.

Some course gurus say that our course should be worth around a £4,000 business investment, as it will shave off years of effort, save you oodles of time.  Give you back well earnt time with loved ones instead of trapesing around every Wedding Event.

However, we aren’t going to charge that, we have looked at our prices and we believe that £597 is the exact price to charge , for a small business owner looking at a jumpstart ahead of the competition.  **for now at least**

Dont just go out for one client – go after them all !


So that said:

Inside this course you will find a complete A-Z of What it takes to sell at Wedding Fayres well.

It is suitable for all businesses, however this edition concentrates on Makeup Arists, but which can be adapted, for Hair stylists, stationary, events, and photographers.

What you will learn.

The Preparation. (what to prepare)

The Set up (what to take)

The Fayre (what to say, wear so that clients remember you)

How to get clients to like your Facebook Page

How to get your brides information voluntarily

How to perform a propper consultaiton, with sales techniques

Bonus Gifts:

As a Bonus Gift, you will also get:

Full host of email templates with which to respond to clients.

How to make your lists automated.

How to plan the wedding day properly.

Bridal Consultation Forms, adaptable to your business.

PLUS EXTRA EXTRA – act now and you will also get access to our Secret Facebook Group for all Course goers with Live interactions with me each week, to go through any Q & A sessions you may have.

I look forward to working with you and getting you reaching your GOALS!

And as an extra gift, we will give you a full breakdown of what you can reasonably earn with my strategy.

The best add on services to upsell

How to upsell

How to close the deal


The course also includes:  Excerice sheets / Checklists / Cheat Sheets & Insurance information

To be honest this is a real bargain and we are thinking of highering the price really soon, so please take this while the deal is on and stay ahead of the game!

Money back guarentee!

Now we also offer a full 60 day money back guarentee, but this is with a condition.  We know , because it is what we use, that this strategy works and can work for anyone THAT DOES IT.

So if you can prove that you have done the work and it just hasn’t worked for you, we will offer you a FULL refund.  However, if you don’t do the work, then we can’t give you the refund, because, we know if you don’t do the work, then it wont work, and that’s not the courses fault.

That said, I think its time you saved yourself a lot of hassle and go ahead, get the course, you have nothing to loose, go out do the work, reap the rewards.  It could make the difference between another holiday or two , or kids education, whatever, your reason why is for getting out of bed in the morning. Consider if you jump ahead all the know how, you would get the course paid back 10 fold just off one Wedding Fayre!

Typical Average bridal party with Just Makeup £375 based on 4 people having trials and wedding makeup, using our prices.

You gain 10 weddings out of the one wedding fayre, you get approximately £3750.  Plus you have the upsell, plus this is practicaly 10 days of work. Not bad!  So what you waiting for!

Book your course today.

BTW, by the way, – you can go as quickly or as slowly as you want, but as Wedding Fayre Season is upon us, I suggest you start right away.

With love – Emma Leighton

Wedding Fayre Whisperer!

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