Review of the Instant Glow by Tropic Skincare

Tropic Tanning at Home – By Emma Leighton Divine Makeup

We’re almost at the time where the legs are daring to make an appearance and wearing coats seems a thing of the past (hopefully!!). But there is something amiss, could it be that we are feeling a bit pasty? Possibly It’s time to get a suntan??? I wouldn’t recommend sunbeds for the obvious risks of skin cancer and burning, however we can still look great with a healthy glow and this we can do in our own homes!! Result!!.

I personally love Tropic Skincare as a brand – not only does it smell great (no most nasty tan smells here, but it’s a great tan you can do at home with minimal risk!)

Follow these steps and you’ll have a glow that’s perfect for any spring day!!


Step 1. EXFOLIATE!! This is probably the most important step REALLY!!! A little about how this works – our skin sheds itself around every 7 days, so if you apply a self tan a day or two before your skin starts to shed you will get uneven patches almost straight away – this doesn’t make well for a glowing goddess!!

And please don’t underestimate this procedure , the best way is to use an exfoliation on dry skin – so prior getting into the shower, put an exfoliation onto all areas that you require tanning. I would do everywhere, paying particular attention to dry areas like elbows, knees etc and then get into to the shower to wash it off.

Step 2 (note we’re still on the day before) moisturise all over your freshly exfoliated self.


Please don’t do anything other than apply your Tan. Applying the following will give you green patches- deodorant, moisturiser or perfume so we will avoid those on the tanning days!!

For the tan itself, You have a few of options here. You can either use a gradual tan – my preference if you’re doing it at home less risk of getting it wrong. Or you can use an immediate fake tan.

8 HOURS LATER – you will have a streak-free glow like you have had a couple of days sunning. The great thing is if you have want a deeper tan, repeat again the day after the Day of initial Tanning.

If you’re still not feeling confident about tanning at home you can call me Emma at Divine Makeup and we can get you a sultry spray tan at our Beauty Studio in Hawarden.

Having a Beauty Issue Call Emma @ Divine Makeup 01244 539632.

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