Spray Tan – Sienna X

The Sienna X range of sunless tanning products allows you to choose just how dark you want to go, with the added benefit of a streak free finish, a natural glow that won’t come off on your clothes which also smells beautiful too! At last!


Sienna X Spray Tan has a number of shades to choose from giving you the control of your tan. We understand that not everyone has the same skin tone or wants to have the same tan colour.  Sienna X have a wide variety of strengths of colours from 6% a very light glow – perfect for a Bride on her wedding Day to a 16% where a night out in Chester may be more up your street.  Whatever the look Sienna X can give you this and here at Divine Makeup we use Sienna X and can tailor your tan to suit you.


We like you to look like your just tanned naturally, so we take the best precautions necessary to ensure the tell tail signs are kept to a minimum.  Protective Sticky Feet are used to protect your soles of your feet.  We use Sienna X Barrier Cream around the areas of skin that a build up of tan may occur – such as your heals, knees and elbows.  We provide throw away undergarments  and masks to prevent you breathing in any of the spray.

We want you to keep your tan as long as possible too, so we can provide you with a range of the Sienna X Products such as:  Gradual Glowing Self Tan to Dark Glowing Self Tan, and the famous Tonights the Night a Spray Tan you can have the same day you are going out.  You can enhance your Spray tan with the fabulous Instant Bronzing Gel and prolong your tan with the Body Sheen with added shimmer.

Prepare:  Using a specially prepared body scrub the day before the spray tan – we recommend Sienna X Body Polish which can be bought in our shop . Rubbing this all over the body paying particular attention to the rough areas on the elbow and knees.  Then moisturise.

The Day of the Tan:  Please don’t wear any makeup, or deodorants or perfume and wear loose dark clothing.  Please don’t Shave or Wax prior to your tan.

8 hours after the Tan – Wash the Tan off.

Days Later :  you can exfoliate gentle to ensure an even reduction of tan.  You can moisturise every day after the day of the tan application.

Client Question Time…..

Rhiannon Amy Park, via Facebook – Once it’s developed and I’ve washed off the guide colour, will the tan rub off on my wedding dress?

No. Transfer only occurs if the skin has not been properly exfoliated or if the guide colour has not been properly washed off. With all brides we recommend the ‘three washes rule’ after their bridal tan to ensure that any remnants of guide colour are washed away prior to the big day.

As you experiment with different colours make sure you adjust your make-up accordingly, so if you are getting married, ensure you have a Tan Trial a day or two before your makeup trial to ensure you are pleased with the look!

Sienna X have created a new Cream to Powder Bronzer & Illuminator. It’s the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty. Use the illuminator on your brow and cheekbones to highlight the areas that catch the sun. And sweep the bronzer over your cheeks to give you a healthy-looking holiday glow. You can use both items together or not, depending on how you feel. This practical yet indulgent item comes packaged in a gorgeous compact case with large mirror. So, you can top up anywhere, anytime…


You can purchase these through Divine Makeup either pop into our Studio in Hawarden, Flintshire Nr Chester or phone us and we will post them out to you.

Sienna X is the leading brand of Self Tan and is now the celebrity favourite. Book a Half or Full Body Spray tan with our professionals at Divine Makeup Chester, the day before your night out!