My Story with Tropic Skincare by Emma Leighton (Divine Makeup)

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Why I become a Tropic Ambassador for Tropic Skincare  by Emma Leighton  Salon Owner of Divine Makeup in Hawarden, Nr Chester and Tropic Skincare Ambassador & Business Coach for Flintshire & Cheshire. 01244 539632 or 07912 292362.

(left to right, Emma Leighton Divine Makeup, Lord Sugar 50% Co owner of Tropic Skincare and Founder of Tropic Skin Care, Susan Ma)


Emma Leighton of Divine Makeup with Lord Sugar 50% Co Owner and Susan Ma Founder of Tropic Skincare

Becoming a Tropic Ambassador is one of the best things I have done in my life!and Im not joking…… to explain why it was I have to tell you a little about me and setting up Divine Makeup first…..

Starting Divine Makeup was a hard slog, I started it with £3k Savings from which I had earn’t from my Typing business over 12 months.   I managed to obtain a loan from Finance Wales which wasn’t easy to get for around £7k, so armed with £10k I rented a room in Hawarden Village, It was originally an office so I decorated the whole interior (new ceilings, floor the works!), I had new signage made, new carpets, new plastered walls – you get the picture!….    Having just had a new baby boy,  I worked tirelessly to obtain new clients. It quickly became apparent that I wasn’t going to turn a profit for at least 2 to 3 years of starting because I was constantly adding to it, buying new furniture, acquiring more rooms, decorating them, yes it seems like a lifetime before I ever saw the money flowing in my direction!

As we deal with Brides, I am always on the look out for the very best in Treatments and Products but up until this point I had never found a Skincare range that truly represented Divine Makeups Values.   And I had never even sold skincare in my shop as nothing I came across ticked all the boxes I truly required…

A client had told me about Tropic Skincare so I contacted head office and they sent me a beautiful lady Marie-Claire to present them to me.  Now I am a skeptical person having for the past four years consistently being disappointed by other products but as Marie-Claire started showing me the Tropic Products, I got a warm fuzzy feeling I was getting blown away by how they felt on my skin the feeling of creamy Organic products on my skin so fresh and clean and the smells of the products were truly divine!  The packaging was so eye-catching I was uplifted by the smells of the organic products they were ticking all of my very long list of requirements I was truly shocked at the amazing quality I knew I just had to have them to sell in my salon.

That wasn’t even the best bit!…. Now back to Divine Makeup – please don’t get me wrong, Divine Makeup is my baby and I started it from scratch to say I love it is an understatement, however, I have never given myself incentives and won them – Did I get anything for staying up night after night trying to update my website?  Errr.. No.   When I won Bridal Makeup Artist of North West did I reward myself with a luxurious trip to a top London hotel  Errrr. no! you get the picture……   As I am self employed I was lucky if a I have a two week trip abroad once a year.   But up until this point I had never really thought about it!

Then Marie-Claire told me about the actual Business Opportunity within Tropic.  To be completely honest, I didn’t really care about the business opportunity at first, this was mainly due to the fact that I wanted instant cashflow to begin with and I knew that doing two pampers a week would potentially give me around an extra £600 per month so I was going to concentrate on that area first – I wanted to ensure I had the money to get me through January.

However, Marie-Claire threw me a curveball – Would you like to get on Stage with Lord Sugar at the next Glambassadors Event in March!!    Well my eyes lit up like Blackpool Illuminations!  Yes I bloody well did want to get on stage with Lord Sugar… The PR that could give me, wow yes please tell me how!!!!

So – This was where I thought wow I think thats really doable –

£2000 sales in the first 34 days.   thats probably around 8 pampers (8 pampers is equal to 16 hours work over one month) working at about approximately £250 per pamper.  I thought, well Im going to make that happen. and Guess what I did  – I smashed. it!   So £2000 sales got me about £600 commission and I smashed my four leaps ahead (another incentive which allowed me to spend £140 to spend on more products).

A month or so later a friend I know was getting made redundant and she approached me about starting tropic, I passed her onto Marie-Claire and before I knew it I had my first Team Member and a promotion to Senior Ambassador.

I now know what a Business Opportunity this really is.

So to recap….. I joined Tropic Skincare and became a Tropic Ambassador just in the last days of September 2015 and amazingly I have won all of these goodies!!! pssst…. thats me with Lord Sugar and the most amazing women and Founder of Tropic Susan Ma!!!


Emma Leighton Owner of Divine Makeup. With Susan Ma Founder of Tropic Skincare!

£340 of Product Vouchers

I was made up and completely over the moon when I also Won The New Tropic Spring Collection of Products worth over £100!

I was one of 12 people who won the not even released Tropic Products to try before they are launched next September!

How ecstatic was I to achieve A Paid for Fantastic Luxury Meal at the Shard with Other Tropic Managers It was a real Highlight located in Huytong Restaurant. (pic below)

Emma Leighton with Tropic Managers at the Shard London

Emma Leighton with Tropic Managers at the Shard London

I am now a Manager at Tropic and when I maintained being a Manager I received a £250 monthly bonus.

All this in 7 Months And All just for doing my Job!!!   RESULT!

So I started two Businesses – One a Business from Scratch which I love, but received no Incentives and Won no Prizes for the entire time I have been doing Divine Makeup.    And I have Won Tonnes of things with Tropic Skincare and several incentives.  They were all achievable by anyone who put their mind to it.  I wasn’t in the top achievers even with ladies who didn’t have salons reaching even higher goals than I did.  So to put it mildly theres really nothing stopping you do the same!!!!,..  

The only limit its the one you set yourself! 

How to Join Tropic Skincare???…..

To Join this Tropic Business Opportunity and become a Tropic Ambassador pay your £120 for a Starter Kit….

Tropic Starter Kit £120 for £340 worth of Products and Business Starter Pack

Tropic Starter Kit £120 for £340 worth of Products and Business Starter Pack

The £120 Investment Includes your own Website set up within one hour of joining Tropic which your customers can purchase products direct without you having to ship and post as HQ does the hard work for you! . Call Emma today to find out more or Register on 01244 539532 or 07912 292362 to Receive your Kit within 4 days.


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