My Story with Tropic Skincare by Emma Leighton

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I am a Tropic Ambassador for Tropic Skincare.  

Perhaps you are thinking about starting a Network Marketing business like Tropic Skincare – I did, here is my story so far….

Becoming a Tropic Ambassador felt like one of the best things I have done in my life and I am not joking…… to explain why it was I have to tell you a little about me and setting up my own salon which was called Divine Makeup.  

Starting Divine Makeup was a hard slog, I started it with £3k savings from which I had saved from my Typing business over a 12 month period.

It took me four months to write a business plan to obtain a £7k business loan from Finance Wales, which wasn’t easy. 

Armed with the £10k I needed, I rented a room in Hawarden Village, Flintshire, Wales.  

It was originally an office so I decorated the whole interior (new ceilings, floor the works!), I had new signage made, new carpets, new plastered walls – you get the picture.

Having just had a new baby boy, I worked tirelessly to obtain new clients, walking around the streets posting leaflets whilst Sam was in a pram.

It quickly became apparent that I wasn’t going to turn a profit for at least 2 to 3 years of starting because I was constantly adding to it, buying new furniture, acquiring more rooms, decorating them, yes it seemed like a lifetime before I ever saw the money flowing in my direction!

My core business was bridal hair and makeup as well as beauty and I was always on the look out for the very best in treatments and products but up until this point I had never found a Skincare range that truly represented Divine Makeups values.

(left to right, Emma Leighton Divine Makeup, Lord Sugar 50% Co owner of Tropic Skincare and Founder of Tropic Skin Care, Susan Ma)




A client had told me about Tropic Skincare so I contacted head office; this was back in September 2015. 


Now I was a skeptical person having for the past four years previously consistently being disappointed by other products but as Marie-Claire started showing me the Tropic Products I started to get a warm fuzzy feeling because I was getting blown away by how the products felt on my skin.   The feeling of creamy organic products on my skin they were so fresh and clean and the smells of the products were truly divine! 


The packaging was so eye-catching and I was uplifted by the aromas of the organic products they were ticking all of my very long list of requirements.

I was truly shocked at the amazing quality I knew I just had to have them to offer my clients.     


That wasn’t even the best bit!…. Now back to Divine Makeup – please don’t get me wrong, Divine Makeup was my baby and I started it from scratch to say I loved it was an understatement. 


But in all my time during my business, I have never given myself incentives and won them. 


Did I get anything for staying up night after night trying to update my website?  Errr.. No.  


When I won Bridal Makeup Artist of North West did I reward myself with a luxurious trip to a top London hotel  Errrr. no!


As I am self-employed I was lucky if a I have a two week trip abroad once a year.  No four/five weeks off on holiday for me.  But up until this point I had never really given too much thought about it!  


The Tropic Opportunity


Then Marie-Claire told me about the actual business opportunity within Tropic. 


To be completely honest, I didn’t really care about the business opportunity at first, this was mainly due to the fact that I wanted instant cash flow and to begin with and I estimated that doing two pamper sessions a week would potentially give me approximately an extra £600 per month cash in my hand, so I was going to concentrate on that area first – I wanted to ensure I had extra money to get me through January as this was a leaner month in the Wedding Industry. 


However, Marie-Claire threw me a curveball – Would you like to get on stage with Lord Sugar at the next Glambassadors Event in March 2016!!    Well my eyes lit up like Blackpool Illuminations! 


Yes I bloody well did want to get on stage with Lord Sugar… The PR that could give me, wow yes please tell me how!!!!  



So what was it going to take to get me on stage with Lord Sugar


I needed to sell £2000 worth of products in the first 30 days.   That is probably around 8 pampers (estimating 2 hours per pamper, 2 pampers a week equals 8 pampers = 16 hours work in one month)

It would require me to sell £250 worth of goods per pamper.    £250 x 8 pampers = £2k 

£2k sales = 16 hours work = £600+ commission   = approximately £30+ per hour.


I thought, well Im going to make that happen. and guess what I did  – I smashed. it!  


The first two pampers I sold approximately £600 in both.  When I achieved the £2000 sales I got £600 commission and I smashed my four leaps ahead (the four leaps ahead is an incentive to follow, which is to get you off the ground running which I also achieved so I then also received £140 to spend on tropic products, which I could either sell making my commission up to £740, or use to increase my kit bag by buying more items.


Emma Leighton Owner of Divine Makeup. With Susan Ma Founder of Tropic Skincare!












Since joining tropic I have won £340 of product vouchers

I was made up and completely over the moon when I also Won The New Tropic Spring Collection of Products worth over £100!

I was one of 12 people who won the not even released Tropic Products to try before they were launched.

How ecstatic was I to achieve A paid for fantastic luxury meal at the Shard with other Tropic Managers.  

It was a real highlight the photo taken is located in Huytong Restaurant (Shard). (pic below)

Emma Leighton with Tropic Managers at the Shard London
Emma Leighton with Tropic Managers at the Shard London








All this in 7 Months And All just for doing my Job!!!   RESULT!


So I started two Businesses

My baby Divine Makeup that I loved, but received no incentives and won no prizes for the entire time I was doing it.   


And I won tons of things and acheived several incentives within weeks of starting with Tropic. 


All of the incentives are achievable with a little focus.

I wasn’t even in the top achievers, most were ladies who didn’t have salons and they were reaching even higher goals than I was.  So to put it mildly there is really nothing stopping you do the same!


So not only have I made extra cash per month being a Tropic Ambassador, my extra income fluctuated between £300 to £800 extra per month and I have also made some amazing new Tropic Friends and a Great New business model that I started earning a profit almost straight away.



My world started to crash down. 


My passion for running Divine Makeup started to ware because I have a couple of health conditions which means I shouldn’t stand up for too long, so the early mornings and standing up for hours was not doing my health any good and I also have depression, which really started to affect me with such a demanding salon. 


At the peak of Divine, I was working 12-14 hours a day and the business was turning over £6-£7 K a month, with approximately £2k of that being from Tropic Skincare, but because of my health, my customer service was starting to fall and something had to give.


I decided to take my foot off the pedal, start spending more time with my family and my sales started to fall.  It was clear to me that I had to give up Divine Makeup, but because this was my baby, I had started it from scratch it was hard to let go, so this took a while to come to let go. 



Moving on to today


It is now December 2018.   My circumstances are now that Divine has gone and I have wrapped up most of my ongoing appointments, I am now able to concentrate on my Tropic Business. 


I am continuing to be a Big Ideas Wales Mentor which I dedicate approximately 4 hours per month to. 


I will also continue to be a  Business Wales Mentor for the Welsh Assembly, which again is just a couple of hours per month. 


I am also the joint organiser of the North Wales Blow Dry Awards and people can vote for their favorite salon and follow me at  


I am a sales and marketing trainer.  My training enabled me to do over 70 weddings back in 2017, so I will be giving my sales and marketing online course located on to all of my Tropic Team members for free, which is normally sold at £97.  Look out for free code once you have joined up, inbox me if you do not have it and I will send it to you asap.


I know what it takes to set up and make a business work, so I want to help you make your business work.


Who would suit this business. 


  • Anyone that can spot a business opportunity, but this especially works for people interested in skincare and beauty.


  • If you don’t look after yourself, but know that you should start, this is a perfect way to start taking care of yourself, because the products you sell, you should also be using on yourself.


  • People who have children, often like this business model, as you can work it around the family, in your own time at your own pace.


  • Business owners – like me if you’re already in business another income stream is always welcome.


  • A lot of people choose this business, to top up their pension.


  • You work part time and need a top up.


  • You work full time, but would like a change of career


Join my team today 


So if you are interested in keeping your skin lovely and using natural ingredients that work, or you are already in the Beauty/Hair industry get in touch and you too can have another arm to your already great business or extra income by texting me on 07912 292362, or emailing me at 


I can let you know how adding Tropic to my Beauty Business increased my profits and how you can do it too!


Here’s to the next 12 months with Multi Award Winning Tropic Skincare and if you would like any help or would to join my team or find out more please get in touch.


Emma Leighton’s contact details.



Text: 07912 292362 and I will call you back. 


Join my Team Today



What is your investment?



What does it cost for your business in a box?



Your lowest investment would be £160.


Currently it is £160 for approximately £400 worth of full size beauty products.


This is set to rise in February 2019, so If you are likely to join, now is the time.





How to do a running start and have the best outcome to your business.


I recommend, investing in two more beauty boxes at £125 each, to get your business off to a flying start. 


Why do I recommend this? 


Look, if you are going to start your own business, as I previously mentioned I invested £10K on starting up Divine Makeup, so the investment in starting a Tropic Business is nominal in comparison. 


So if you invest another £250 on two more boxes so that is just £310 in total you will be able to give three boxes per week out to potential clients to try the products.  The tropic products are then doing all the hard work for you. 


Meaning your sales will be much higher straight away, meaning much more commission in your pocket straight away. 


3 x boxes go out and just one person buys the box this would be £98 sales per week.  Just under £400 sales per month.


This initial extra investment, also means you go active, so you are a 1/4 way of achieving the first incentive, which is the £2k sales in one month. Meaning, you still have a whole month to sell £1,750 and with your three boxes out there with a different person each week, you will have a great chance of doing this easily!   



The likelihood, though as you have fallen in love with Tropic yourself, then they will too, so the above is on the lowest side. On the highest side the three boxes given out to clients turn into three boxes which could equal almost £300 per week, which would give you £75 per week commission.




Off the back of the boxes being handed out, you could book in pampers, for anyone including the clients who have the borrow boxes.




If they organise a pamper for you and their pampers sell £300 worth of sales then you would get £75 commission from the pamper and they would receive £60 worth of free Tropic products, meaning that they would get that box they borrowed for just £30. Hello Pamper anyone!





Pampers and giving out the borrow boxes are the solid sales model, that works. 


It depends on your goals.  Tropic is 6 years old,, but it has still only reached 0.01% of the population so there is still plenty of room to grow, plus we can now send to Europe but it is still young for a large company and it has already smashed the £50 MILLION mark. 

Don’t believe me?  You only need to do a little research and see that Tropic has been in the independent Fortune 100 top 100 companies for the last few years. 







Goal One:  Need extra cash quick, then your pampers are the way to go – more sales equals more cash.


Goal Two:  Start a team of your own.   We all start off with the same opportunity, buy the business in a box and off you go. Your own ambitions set where you want to be.


Goal Three:  Money isn’t your thing, you like more than money.  Other things interest you.  Giving to charity, fun aspect of working.   Anything else.    There are a great many things that strike me about Tropic.  Number one is the ethical workings of it.  It is natural, using only natural ingredients.   Saving the planet, Tropic gives back, and has achieved the following, which again you can research xyz.    


Plus our team is working towards buying a well for an area of Africa, giving a whole village means of clean drinking water. This means that the we earn, the more we can give back and really change other peoples lives, which is not that easy to do, if you don’t have any cash.

















What is Network Marketing.  


Ultimately, you meet someone, you tell them about the business and build a team. 

We are there to help you.   You build a bigger team, you get paid on your teams sales.   They build their own team, they get paid on their teams sales and you get paid on their team sales and so on.  Not one person gives to the other person though, this is where Tropic Pay you – not the other person, so there is no loosing out on this at all.



Is it a Pyramid Scheme? 


I love this one – the answer is no Pyramid Schemesare illegal and with Lord Alan Sugar being a high profile self made Billionaire I suspect the powers that be are watching him closely so I doubt he would want to be in jail with a £50 million illegal scheme. 


Tropic Skincare is a trusted business model. 


It does work like a triangle though.  Just like a large corporation.


Owner/ CEO

Directors Directors Directors






Just like a triangle, Tropic is similar.



DIAMOND Executive  (CEO) 

Platinum Exec (Directors)  Platinum Exec 

Executive   Executive  Executive   Executive 

Senior Manager   Senior Manager  Senior Manager  Senior Manager

Manager  Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager Manager

Team AmbassadorTeam AmbassadorTeam AmbassadorTeam AmbassadorTeam Ambassador

Ambassador  Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador Ambassador



The major difference between a large corporation and Tropic Skincare is that absolutely everyone starts as an Ambassador and everyone has the opportunity to become the CEO the DIAMOND Executive, meaning your earnings are uncapped and the limit is truly the only one you set yourself. Plus the only way you can fail, is if you stop doing it.    My motto is if someone else has achieved it, which we can prove they have, then why can’t I also achieve it!



Want to earn £50 a week you can, want to earn £10k a month you can. 



Please note, this is not a get rich quick thing, and if you set your sights on the £10k a month in the quickest way possible, then you would be looking at doing Tropic full time and the quickest anyone has done this to date is within 27 months.    You could still reach the £10k a month doing it part time, but you would expect to take over 5+ years to do this.  But the focused person is expected to be earning this quantity within 5 years if they put their mind to it. 


Are you a dreamer?


If you allowed yourself to dream what would £2k a month do for you and your family.

Dreaming bigger what would £5k a month do for you and your family.

Dreaming bigger what would £10k a month do for you and your family.


If you do decide to go for it, and you focus, you will still find it frustrating at times.   You are working with other people and other people have their own lives and focuses, which may differ from your own.


I made the mistake in thinking I was going to make it big and quickly, but I realise that actually, the last 5 years, have actually gone quite quick and don’t we often find ourselves looking at our children and wondering where the time went. 


We also think that a year is longer than it is and that 5 years is further away than it really is.  


If you have worked for someone else for 5 years, ask yourself this – did you get the chance to be the CEO, did your wages practically double each year?  Did you get the opportunity to earn £10k a month? 


So here it is, I am giving myself 3 years from now to make it to £10k per month.  Now here is the even more exciting part. 


In her 5thyear within Tropic Marie-Claire started January 2018 at earning £6k per month, and in November 2018 her wages were £22k a month including tax. 


Hello once you reach a certain point, your wages go up exponentially. 


Join my Team today and together lets go for it!   Want to see Susie Ma Tropic Founder and here her story of how she started Tropic at just 15 years old with £120 and is now in charge of running a £50million company, then come along to the roadshow and bring a friend.  Let me know if you want to attend a roadshow local to you! 

I am Emma Leighton 

Tweet:  @businessfixit    Insta : @mysalonsecrets  


W  www,



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