Top 5 Brilliant things about semi-permanent makeup


5 brilliant things about semi-permanent makeup

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Angelina is said to be a fan, so is Madonna, Gwen Stefani and many others. We’re talking of course of celebrity favourite micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup, the treatment that allows you to wake up with perfect brows or lips (or hey, why not both?) every single morning for up to three years! By inserting tiny amounts of pigment into the skin, semi-permanent makeup can solve a whole host of beauty dilemmas. Here are our 5 favourite things about semi-permanent makeup.

  1. It’s great for gaps

Hands up if you spent your teenage years in front of a mirror in the bathroom tweezing your brows into impossibly skinny arches. Yep, us too. And the result is often sparse brows, gaps and a loss of definition. Despair not though, your teenage indiscretions don’t have to stop you from getting brows that the Duchess of Cambridge would be proud of, as micropigmentation can provide balance, definition and no more pesky gaps.

  1. Helps alopecia and cancer sufferers

One of the things that cancer patients can most worry about is hair loss as our hair is such as huge part of our identity. And of course, eyelashes and brows can be affected too. Semi-permanent makeup is brilliant either pre or post cancer treatment (if your doctor says it’s OK!). Same goes for alopecia, a really upsetting condition that can be greatly alleviated with micropigmentation for eyebrows or definition along the eyeline.

  1. Perfect for ageing lips

It’s never nice to admit it, but ageing does things to our appearance that we’d rather it didn’t and thinning lips is just one of those pesky effects. But the great thing about semi-permanent makeup is that this is one ageing problem that you can combat! From increased definition to a fuller look, you can finally ditch that lipliner for an everyday confident pout.

  1. Brilliant for sporty types

Done your 20 laps of the local pool, or was it yoga this week? Whilst we get that swimming and other types of exercise like yoga and Pilates are great for our health, there’s no denying that they are a right faff for our makeup regime. Do you apply it first then do it all again afterwards or dare to go bare? With semi-permanent makeup, you can breaststroke or warrior-pose to your hearts content knowing that you’ll emerge looking as perfect as when you started.

  1. It knows how to do subtle

We all know that the very best makeup is the type of makeup that looks like you don’t have any on, you just look like a polished and gorgeous you. The great thing about micropigmentation is that it doesn’t have to be really noticeable as modern techniques are all about subtlety. Take feathering where each individual eyebrow hair is tattooed into place, or natural colours that are used to tone with your own colouring. Speak to your semi-permanent makeup artist and together work out exactly the look you are trying to achieve.

Find out more about semi-permanent makeup at Divine Makeup.

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