The Wee Wee on the Wedding Day

I spend a lot of time with Brides before their wedding and I love it.

There is always the same conversation every time that comes up!

How do you go to the toilet in your Wedding Dress????????

If you are already married, you will have most likely been through this.

Here are my suggestions, which i have heard on my many bridal mornings!

Shuffle on forwards bit awkward, I really like this idea, but it is not without its problems!  

Get your bridesmaids to hold your dress – not my fave I never fancy having a tribe whilst I’m going the loo!

My fave is the SHE WEE,

The SHE WEE is a must for every bride.  Just don’t carry it around with you! Take a look for yourself – there are also cheaper versions available afterall it’s probably only for a one day useage!!!

But the She Wee is also amazing for festivals!

Join our competition to get your free SHE WEE.  Tag a bride or bridesmaid.  plus you can keep it to go at Festivals Bonus!

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I spend a lot of time with Brides before their wedding.

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