My Review on Airbase & Airbrush Makeup.


When I first started out as a makeup artist 8 years ago, I bought all the regular makes that you would expect, MAC, Benefit, etc but it wasn’t until I went to a Professional Beauty Exp that I discovered Airbase Makeup. I was impressed with their claims and their story of how it came about was pretty cool, so I bought into it and promptly went on their course based in Nottingham.

Photographers Love it!

So why do I still today recommend Airbase?  Simply put I have found it to be the best photographic makeup on the market.  Photographers love it, mainly because they can photograph you for hours and the images won’t need to be touched up, plus it looks great on camera. And if you have a great photographer or videographer it makes for a great photo when it is being sprayed! Airbase claim it is Water-resistent, Heat-proof & Sweat-proof, so I like to say it is “Bride Proof”  cheese alert! I have vigerously tested it too, however, it was slightly by mistake…..

Perfect Hangover Makeup 

So you know when you forget to take your makeup off at night (judge me or not, I am not a perfect human :/ ) Anyway, I had a good amount of Airbase on, not unlike my About photo….  And I may have accidentaly fallen asleep with my makeup on….   Now normally if this has happened in the past I would wake up looking like Ozzy Ozbourne with makeup all down my face. However, it was Airbase I was wearing this particular day and when I woke up, I had the amazing discovery that I looked exactly the same as the day before “Makeup Completely IN-TACT” The Airbase Makeup also continued to impress me, as I had made the potentially abnormal decision to keep, my completely in-tact makeup look for the rest of the day (haters stop judging ;)) but I promptly forgot this when I stepped into the shower, with a full stream of water in my face, my memory came flooding back about my makeup, so I jumped out of the shower and patted my face slightly with a towel and to my astonishment my makeup was still FLAWLESS.  This was  massive relief when I wasn’t feeling the best ahem! 

What does an Airbase Makeup Application look like?

I need to clear something up right here, Airbase Makeup, although by the nature of how they market it, does not I repeat, does not need to be applied with an Airbrush.

Airbase do also provide a silicone brush that you can apply it with, so if you were just panting at the thought of buying airbase but disgarded it because of the Airbrush then “Tada” wish granted!


How to Apply Airbase Makeup 

Step by step. 1: Ok so firstly I would do the eyemakeup, and although airbase do do  – eyeshadows, I also use lots of other makes for the eyes, however I ALWAYS, start with the Platinum Primer. 2: Once eyes are complete, then I move onto the face, using what would be the SILICONE Brush to apply it.  Using only a thin layer. 3: Next I would use the Airbase Concealor – got to be one of the best on the market by a mile, the coverage is quick to apply and can go on really thinly or thickly and has lots of different colours in its wheel pallet! At this stage I may use the concealor to do highlighting and shading. 4: Now I apply the foundation this can be done with the Silicone Brush or the Airbrush, I like the Airbrush, because I like gadgets, but not everyone likes them, in fact some of our makeup artists prefer to use the brush.

Does Airbase Suit Every Skin Tone?

The foundations have a white to very dark brown to choose from and can be mixed to find the perfect shade

  • Shade 00 is White in colour I always have this in my kit to mix darker colours.
  • Shade 06 – Very dark Dark Brown.
  • Porcelain skin:  buy two foundations a 00 and 02 and mix together.
  • Caucasion, medium tone:  02 (if it happens to be a little too light you can warm up with a bronzer)
  • Caucasion Tanned:  I would stick with the 02, and bronze up. you could go for the 04 and it can be lightened with a 00
  • Chinese tone: I would use an 01 or 03.
  • Asian tone: Normally 03
  • Afro-Carabean 05/06

5:  Uniquely, Bronzer and Blush can be applied by the Airbrush and now they also have a great selection of highlighters which can also be applied with a brush. 6: Wait 20 mins and the makeup is set.  No need for a setting spray, the silione makeup is the set!

The Flaw in Being Flawless. 

Not everyone wants to be flawless, what is wrong with showing some skin, or your freckles etc, so Airbase actually suits natural looks too.  Because it is versitile it can handle people who normally don’t wear makeup, with it’s very light feel, you bearly notice when its on so it doesn’t annoy or feel think or heavy.

Flawless results too of course.

A lot of makeup wearers, love to have a great application so that they look flawless, and Airbase in no way disappoints, because it is silicone makeup, you can apply layer after layer and over approximately 20mins it will set and won’t budge!

Factual info on Airbase. Direct from Airbase Website.

Discover the unique combination of a stunningly designed silicone based make-up and smooth natural finish delivered by an airbrush. It’s what makes Airbase Airbrush Make-Up the choice of professional artists UK wide and beyond.


What’s the difference between AIRBASE & AIRBRUSH?

AIRBASE: is the Brand we use and is Silicone Makeup with the properties of being “Heat Proof” , “Sweat Proof” & “Waterproof”, and is the most durable brand on the market and is why most Celebrity Makeup Artists will always carry Airbase Makeup with them.

AIRBRUSH: is the way it is applied.  Many Artists like us at Divine Makeup carry an Airbrush in fact on TV Sets its unlikely you would be allowed on set without one! However, fear not – because its the makeup thats really important and you can apply Airbase with a normal Silicone Brush or an Airbrush the properties of the Makeup remain the same no matter how its applied!

It’s forgiving nature and unrivalled coverage makes Airbase Make-Up the perfect long lasting make-up for HD TV, film and stage, to bridal and occasion make-up. Join the fast and flawless revolution!

What is it made from? Airbase combines a unique mix of ingredients with silicone at the heart of it’s formulation. Feeling beautiful and luxurious on the skin, the silicone chosen does not clog your pores,  allowing your skin to breathe. It is this that helps give Airbase Make-Up unrivalled durability.

Silicone: Silicone is heat-resistant, non-stick and pliable. That means that your Airbase Make-Up application lasts all day and can be ‘moved’ for a few minutes unlike water based foundations. Any errors are therefore easy to correct after application.


Airbrushing at Divine Makeup

Vitamins A and E: Airbase contains Vitamin A, an ingredient that is proven to improve elasticity of the skin and therefore reduce fine lines. It also contains Vitamin E. This is an anti-oxidant that moisturises and repairs helping to deactivate the free radicals that age the skin.

Why airbrushing?
When you spray using an airbrush it atomises the product making the particles of make-up tiny. This is why airbrush make-up is used in HD TV and film. The particles in the make-up become much smaller than when it is conventionally applied and therefore less visible.

HD TV picks up absolutely every imperfection! There are also hygiene benefits to spraying. When we use a conventional brush or our fingers there is potential to spread bacteria and germs across the face. By spraying Airbase make-up onto the face we can avoid this.